Firm's Philosophy

                Safeguard Integrity--The Most Precious Of Assets

                Safeguard Integrity--The Most Precious Of Assets

To have an effective compliance and ethics program . . . an organization shall—(1) exercise due diligence to prevent and detect criminal conduct; and (2) otherwise promote an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance with the law.
— United States Sentencing Guidelines, Sec. 8B2.1

Alicia Villarreal founded a boutique law practice to focus her talents exclusively on helping businesses thrive by safeguarding their integrity through effective compliance measures that promote ethical behavior.

Too often organizations get bogged down in expensive and time-consuming litigation or investigations by government regulators, distracting from their core business of serving customers. Reasonable attention to risk can avert those resource-draining crises, and keep the focus where it belongs - on creating success.

Villarreal Law adds value to client organizations by improving compliance practices to prevent headaches before they happen. 

Investing in preventative measures isn’t just cost-effective, but it's the smart thing to do:  reputation is a precious intangible asset that is easily tainted, and the consequent damage can result in spiraling losses. Villarreal Law will help your team achieve practical and effective solutions to safeguard your corporate integrity. 

Through her sensible approach to matters coupled with keen judgment, Alicia Villarreal delivers legal insight with a business outlook.